The broker will get 5% if he finds a purchaser.───这个中间人如果找到一个买主就将提成5%。
If a purchaser fails to punch in the correct PIN at the checkout, the transaction gets rejected.───如果购买者未能在结帐时输入正确的 PIN 码,交易将被拒绝。
Overall between 30% and 50% of what has been bought in developed countries is thrown away by the purchaser.───总的来说,在发达国家购买的东西有30%到50%被购买者扔掉了。
After two years of medical school and a brief period as a photographer, he entered the fashion world as a purchaser for a department store.───他曾在医学院修业两年,并当过短期的摄影师,在一家百货公司担任采购的职务。
All delivery orders for the delivery of the collateral goods to the purchaser need to be signed or countersigned by the bank.───抵押物品的交付的所有交货单对采购员的需要由银行签字或副署。
The bona fide purchaser did not know that the seller was not the legal owner of the goods.───这位善意的买主不知道卖方为非法的货主。
The term "paid" as mentioned in these Detailed Rules refers to the receipt of money, goods and any other economic benefit from a purchaser.───本细则所称有偿,是指从购买方取得货币、货物或者其他经济利益。
Do you think for one moment that her seller would approve of her unwillingness to disclose the apartment number to a prospective purchaser.───略想一下,卖方会同意他不情愿的将房子号码透露给潜在的买主?
The Purchaser shall notify the Supplier of any claim made against the Bank issuing the Performance Security.───购方应通知供应商任何向履约保证金发证行提出的索赔。
                                            The territory was too expensive for any purchaser, so the two couples parceled out a picnic lunch.